Connectedness at work

Rejoyos is a social technology to build positive company culture using everyday micro interactions


Company culture is crucial to the overall progress of a company. Culture is not about what management says one should do or what is financially rewarded in the company. Its about positive connections at work that create effectiveness. through trust.

Rejoyos is built on the concept that the human brain in a positive state is more productive than when it is in a neutral or negative state. Here is an interesting TED Talk - The happy secret to better work, that supports the same.


Create Meaningful Engagement

To maintain constant motivation, employees need constructive and meaningful interactions. Instead of focusing on numbers, Rejoyos helps inspire with vision and manage by goals.

Empower Self Growth

People are motivated the most when they are in-charge of their own growth and can manage it proactively. Rejoyos enables employees to define their goals and create their own path.

Motivate with Appreciation

Rejoyos makes it easier to build a culture of mutual appreciation, trust and support for a highly motivated and joyous work environment.


Develop with Feedback

Rejoyos enables people to grow through consistent feedback and guidance. This also helps Managers evaluate employees based on soft skills and not just technical skills.

Drive Accountability

Sharing goals and achievements with peers develops visibility and transperancy. ReJoyos makes individuals accountable of their own goals and progress.


  • Peers notice and appreciate each other’s ideas and efforts on a day-to-day basis.
  • Individuals become more self driven and accountable.
  • Frequent and positive feedback from Managers energizes the team to learn and grow.
  • People know each other better professionally, through sharing of strengths goals and achievements.
  • It helps create an open and collaborative environment.
  • When people feel connected it builds higher motivation, effectiveness and commitment.



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